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At Voxly, we advocate for parents to actively engage in their children’s academic journey even outside our centers. Encourage and support your child’s completion of assigned homework, celebrating their positive strides in learning. By fostering a conducive study environment at home, free of distractions, you empower your child to thrive and excel in their educational pursuits.

This dedication to their success instills a passion for learning, motivating them to continually improve and achieve their personal best. Open channels of communication with teachers further enhance this partnership, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of your child’s progress and facilitating tailored strategies for their continued growth.

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From the very first day your child steps into our center, our dedicated teachers embark on a personalized journey, assessing their individual level and tailoring their study plan accordingly. This meticulous approach not only establishes a robust foundation in core subjects but also ignites the spark of confidence needed to pursue their ambitions.

Throughout their time with us, our teachers closely monitor your child’s progress, delving into their comprehension of course material and tracking their development of essential study skills. Emphasizing independent learning through carefully curated workbooks, we believe in nurturing active engagement with subjects like English, Maths, and the Sciences, fostering independence, confidence, and even creativity in the process.

Acting as trusted guides, our teachers are always there to lend a helping hand, encouraging students to push beyond their limits and reach for greater heights. With detailed feedback reports on your child’s achievements and progress, we ensure they extract the utmost value from the Voxly experience, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

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