How Voxly Works

Our efficient teaching methods ensure a successful approach to learning.

A brief summary

Voxly Tuition provides a new and innovative approach to education. Our efficient teaching methods ensure a successful approach to learning. Our courses ensure that regardless of your child’s abilities they will improve and develop their skills. Our methods work. They are modern and progressive and are designed to bring out the best in your child.

Arfan - Head Teacher

What they will learn

English, Maths and Science are the trinity of education, we believe that by developing them your child can gain the confidence to succeed in life.

  • Certified and expert teachers
  • Mock Tests for 11+, 13+, GCSE and Further.
  • Open All Year including holidays.
  • Our Students Achieved A & A* on GCSE Results

The Role of The Parents

We at Voxly encourage parents to support their children while they are not at our centres.

Parents should...

Encourage children to complete assigned homework and support them when they make positive progress in their courses.

As a result your child will desire to learn more and to do well in their assignments.

We also encourage parents to provide “study spaces” for their children. These areas should be quiet with minimal distractions. This is to create a motivating and disciplined environment for your child to study and progress.

Your desire to see your child succeed will pass on to them. It will motivate them to do their personal best.

As they work through our study books and see their improvements they will wish to improve further. Your recognition of their improved abilities will give them the confidence to continue progressing.

Communication is crucial. We encourage parents to communicate with their child’s teacher and with their Head Teacher. This will help parents assess their child’s true progress and will allow teachers to formulate how to best move forward.

The Role of Our Instructors

Our teachers assess your child’s level from the 1st day they are at the centre. They then decide your child’s study and provide them with the appropriate study books.

This approach helps students create a strong foundation in course subjects while also giving them the confidence to pursue their goals.

Our teachers monitor your child’s progress through the workbooks. They pay particular attention to their understanding of course texts and their development of new study skills through course exercises.

Our teachers put emphasis on independent learning through the work books. They feel that this approach encourages students to actively develop their understanding of English, Maths and the Sciences while also encouraging the growth of independence, confidence and creativity (the English course).

Teachers act as guides for students. They support them when they need help and instill in them the desire to progress.

Our teachers write feedback reports on your child’s progress and achievement. This is so your child can gain the most from the Voxly experience and so you are kept aware of their progress.

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