About Voxly

A new and expanding tuition centre in the UK.

We provide tailored courses in English, Maths and Sciences.

Voxly Tuition provides a new and innovative approach to education.

Our efficient teaching methods ensure a successful approach to learning.

Our courses ensure that regardless of your child’s abilities they will improve and develop their skills. Our methods work. They are modern and progressive and are designed to bring out the best in your child.

Our courses are not only designed for short term growth but also with long term success in mind.

Our aim is to help students all over the UK and globally push past their own limitations and become more successful and confident individuals as a result.

Why choose Voxly?


We believe that children need to be supported and nurtured in order to bring out the best in them. English, Maths and Science are the trinity of education, we believe that by developing them your child can not only succeed in any academic endeavour they pursue but also gain the confidence to succeed generally in life.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers at Voxly are of the highest skill and calibre. Their main goal is your child’s success and development through education. Their commitment to their cause is seen through their hard work and determination for each of Voxly Tuition’s students.

Education is more than grades.

It’s about instilling a passion in each and every child to learn and expand their horizons. At Voxly we do just that. We’re passionate about the individuals that we mentor. We strongly believe in them and it is this belief that gives them everything they need to succeed globally.

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